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Kirill Sidelnikov answers fans questions

Опубликовано 11 октября 2007 года.

At this forum for the month there was opened a topic, where everyone could ask his question to one of the most promising young fighters of Russia - Kirill Sidelnikov.

How do you think what are your advantages and disadvantages comparing to others?

Hard to answer that question. Each fighter is an individuality, but there are still advantages - I work with Fedor.

What's most difficult for a person who appeares to be the yongest fighter in his command?

The team we have is friendly and include in it all the same.

How would you comment your fight with Antonio Mendes?

Now I'd have made everything different, had not enough experience.

How often do you use the Internet? What web-sites do you visit?

Fedor.bel.ru, valetudo.ru, mixfight.ru

Do you Play computer games? If so, what games?

I do, for the last time - online game The World of Warcraft.

What music do you listen to?

There are no specific preferences. Обычно слушаю под настроение. Usually listen by mood.

I would like to know how passes the normal day of Kirill, I mean the schedule.

When not on periodical trainings, it varies: trainings, studies and trainings again, of course there is a rest between the fights.

Do you read the books? What's favorite book?

Paulo Coelho's "11 minutes"

What's your favorite movie and what did you enjoy best from the last movies?

I like a lot, most of all I like to watch historical movies.I also follow the new, there is a lot that I like.

Are there any animals at home?

A dog.

Do you like fishing? What is the largest fish caught?

I like fishing. The largest fish I caught was a pike 1.3 kg of weight, caught it by spinning.

What is to be the sparring-partner of Fedor for you? Tell something about it. Probably hard is it?

Hard to study, easy in the battle! It's very interesting with Fedor, and also with Alexander, because they always teach and explain what and how to do something.

Did the defeat from Mendes somehow impact on your moral qualities? What mistakes have been made in this battle?

Did not affected, just had not enough experience.

What is for you fighting following the MMA rules? Money, fame, prestige?

Perhaps a little bit of something.

Mention your weaknesses, which you need to work on.

Actually all the parties are not very strong, all of them need to work hard with.

Your hobby during your free time.

Spend time with my girlfriend.

Do you pump iron?


Your idol in MMA?

Fedor Emelyanenko

Do you plan to dry the body - untill 93 kg? It would be better, in my opinion.

I don't plan it yet, but it's still a question what would be in my sport career.

For how far are you prepared to follow this difficult kind of sport?

Until the end.


Translated by Paul Ivanovski


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