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The interview with Vladimir Voronov

Опубликовано 22 ноября 2007 года.

Vladimir Voronov (the headcoach of Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko) shared his impressions on a trip to Canada and told us about future fights of Red Devil fighters.

-How would you evaluate that whole event in Canada, what is your impression about it?

-The whole thing was organized a bit worse than compared to the level of Pride. But the staff involved in that event is eager to make it better and I could notice that. It was a pleasure to work with them. The relations between the organization and fighters and trainers are developed much better than what i could experience with Bodog.

-What are your thoughts on Alexander's fight, was it even hard for him to win?

-They just started sizing each other up and Alexander finished the bout that quickly. It says a lot about Alexander's level. Dan Bobish undoubtedly deserves to be commended - he is very benevolent and calm. He did his best and so did Alexander.

-Did everything go as planned?

-It's impossible to plan the course of a fight. Alexander did exactly what we wanted. We had one goal - finish the bout as soon as possible with no complications. Alexander implemented our strategy and could achieve the aforementioned goal.

-Have you watched Fedor's performance in the World Combat Sambo Tournament?

-I know Fedor would have fought three times but two opponents withdrew from the bout. No, i haven't seen the tape yet.

-What are your plans now?

-Help our athletes prepare for the New Year event.

-Are the opponents already revealed?

-Not yet, Japanese are working on it. We'll get to know the names when Vadim Finkelstein returns from Japan.

-For what tournament do you train your fighters at the moment?

-Well, our younger fighters will participate in Cup of the Baltic States. The elder representative of RD team is Dmitry Samoilov, he's 23 years old. But for the most part it's about the younger guys, our next generation. For them it's a great opportunity to try themselves there and gain more experience.

(other RD members taking part in the Cup of the Baltic States are Kiril Sidelnikov, Andrey Lisitsyn, Alexey Cherepovskiy and Vladimir Tarasov)

-What's next on the schedule?

-After the Baltic Cup the whole team will concentrate on helping our main fighters - Fedor, Alexander and Roman.

-Thank you very much for your time.

-See you.


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