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Vadim Finkelstein interview

Опубликовано 14 августа 2007 года.

www.mixfight.ru representatives Aleksandr Shuldyakov aka Bars and Dmitri Kibkalov aka Devilchild had an opportunity of making an interview with M-1 league President Vadim Finkelstein in his office on August,10.

Here are some remarks of that interview:

Vadim told a lot about the future and his views of the ways of popularization of MMA in Russia, about promotion and broadcasting in general.

The next step is a big leap: shooting a TUF-like TV reality series. 2 teams of 8 men with coaches probably being no one less than Fedor Emelianenko and Roman Zentsov. Usual life circumstances as well as training regimen would be filmed, every episode would contain 1-2 bouts between the contenders.

In order to let it all happen hard work should be done as well as finding proper sponsors. But it will be a good product at the end which would stimulate more public interest in MMA.

As for Fedor's contract it's still unclear with UFC still being scrutinized. There are some negotiations with K-1 Hero's as well. Fedor himself is now in Belgorod training with the team.

Also there are some possibilities leading other Red Devil fighters into several international championships.

Asked about his opinion about Sergey Kharitonov, mr. Finkelstein said Sergey should've signed contract with a Russian team and he has no idea why Sergey made this unexpected move.

A couple of championships under M-1 promotion are scheduled for the end of September and November with the latter one held in St.Petersburg or Moscow. Next year will see "The battle on Neva-river 2" with a very firm card. The previous Neva battle cost Finkelstein and M-1 league about $300'000.

Also a championship in Korea "Russia - Korea 2" is planned.

Translated by Michael Mazur aka michaell.


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