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Fedor's open letter to the fans!

Опубликовано 3 ноября 2007 года.

Fedor Emelianenko sends this public message to every mma fan.

Your wishes come true when you ask for them come New Year's Eve.

Fedor's mail is overflowing with letters from Japanese fans. Since it seems impossible to reply immediately to everyone Fedor asked us to publish his open letter to everyone concerned.

The point is that during last four years Fedor always fought on New Year's Eve in Japan giving his fans an opportunitiy to see him perform in the ring. Now that he signed with M-1 Global, Japanese fans are worried that they won't see Fedor fight anymore...

But like Russians say: "Hope never dies". Actually no one can say this better than Fedor himself:


"It's always a pleasure to receive letters from my fans, especially when it comes to letters from my fans from Japan. For many years, we spent the New Years Eve together, celebrating my victories. They've always inspired me through the toughest moments and hardest bouts of my entire career. In recent years, I thought a lot about the proverb saying "New Year's Eve defines the whole coming year".

Being in that country is a holiday in itself. We experienced it every year and now my team and I, personally, miss its amazing culture, rich history, and wonderful traditions.

However, if you wish something really bad you don't give up half way through; you must keep working towards your goal. I contacted M-1 Global management and received their complete support in my desire to continue the tradition of fighting in Japan on New Year's Eve.

Now it all depends on whether it will be possible to organize an event of a caliber all of us got used to. That's why I'm addressing you, dear MMA fans. M-1 Global and I will do our best to give you one more show taking place in Japan on this New Year's Eve. I'll be extremely happy if our mutual wishes come true.

Yours faithfully, Fedor Emelianenko.


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