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Fedor Emelianenko prepares for the World Combat Sambo Championship

Опубликовано 5 ноября 2007 года.

Fedor Emelianenko prepares for the World Combat Sambo Championship (Czech Republic, November 7-11).

BOTH parts of video are available.

You can now watch full video taped by mixfight.ru staff. It's divided in two parts. Enjoy it.

Watch here


Fedor is a member of Russian team among not only experienced fightrers but young athletes as well. All of them are proud and ready to represent their country at the championship of such a high level. There are 40 of them in total. By the way Fedor's Red Devil teammate Radmir Gabdullin has earned his right to represent Russia in combat sambo, too.

This training took place in VGUFK hall on two sambo mats. It all started with some running, warm-up and then the main part which consisted in its entirety of working on wrestling skills.

Since the hall wouldn't hold all the 20 simultaneously fighting pairs, first were the lightweights (including females). Then it was heavyweights' turn including Fedor.

During one of the bouts a sparring-partner who Fedor was trainining with got injured following a hard handfall. No more accidents occured. Luckily.


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